Michael Vincent is an American photographer, filmmaker, and director. He has had over 10,000 Magazine covers featured throughout various magazines such as Maxim, Esquire, GQ, and more. Michael Vincent started his career as a three time world champion professional BMX racer sponsored by Vans, and later moved to Hollywood to create a name for himself as a professional celebrity photographer through Michael Vincent Photography.

For 15+ years Michael Vincent and Tal B Vincent have been in the world of photography, production, PR and marketing. With Mr. Vincent’s extensive knowledge of the photography and film industry, and Tal B Vincent’s qualifications as a performer, as well as her impressive list of connections; the two were able to produce various music videos, TV shows, movies, and fashion shows. Their blossoming success enabled them to become known as one of the industries top production facilities. Their drive, dedication, and desire to educate and inspire others to succeed in the world of beauty compelled them to establish Michael Vincent Academy MVA is known for its extensive beauty education programs, and was noted for having one of the best affiliate programs in the country.

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