Wiz Kalifa Brand New Music Video-
Featured in GQ Magazine

Our very own Michael Vincent was given the opportunity to help produce the new Wiz Khalifa- Brand New Music Video, as well as have affiliate students do hair and makeup on set. After two long days of shooting from dusk to dawn, running from location to location, and essentially no sleep. We finally had all the content needed to create this four minute vacation.

Various publications have been published about the video, one of them being by GQ Magazine . "Brand New" was also voted "video of the day" by Trace.

"A GQ exclusive—because we’re all in need of some Cali vibes right now."

Ty$ and Wiz have been teaming up for a while now, making all kinds of happy, smoked-out tracks to kick back to and forget about the world’s troubles, which is exactly what we could all use right now. If you aren’t on board yet, you should probably catch up with Ty$’s excellent album, Free TC, which is dedicated to his incarcerated brother—as well as his latest mixtape, Campaign, which not only features bangers like “???” with Migos, but also introspective and political tracks like “No Justice.” If you haven't had time to check out the new video here is a link to the post on GQ Magazines website as well as the official music video.

Wiz Khalifa - Brand New ft. Ty Dolla $ign (Official Video)

Affiliate program students on set