Digital Makeup - Michael Vincent Academy offers intermediate and advance Digital Makeup Courses. As, the industry leader in Makeup, Hair and Barbering we now offer a new innovative class teaching creative minds the art and mastering of Digital Makeup. With over 10,000 magazine covers all over the world, celebrity photographer Michael Vincent is now excited to share some of the industries well kept secrets in the world of beauty retouching.

The Digital Makeup Course taught at Michael Vincent Academy, has the best techniques in the industry for retouching for beauty and fashion, applying techniques from real world makeup in the digital world. You will never look at your photos the same and neither will your clients. Take your game, business, and skill set to the next level.



Basic knowledge of how to use a camera
Understanding of basic lighting techniques
Using digital brushes in order to get familiar with makeup brushes on and off screen
Basic knowledge of Photoshop tools
Learn how to remove blemishes
Learn how to apply digital makeup
Learning how to change backgrounds
Learn how to sharpen and blur
How to use a Wacom tablet
How to add and modify text on an image
How to navigate inside of Photoshop

Course Level

Beginners, Intermediate + Advanced

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