Ana Miro is a Puerto Rican makeup artist, visual artist, dancer, educator and entrepreneur, living in LA for the last 8 years. Growing up with a few developmental delays of her own and daughter to an early childhood education specialist, she was introduced to art and dance from a very young age. Anything to help her concentrate and re-direct her high-energy onto something productive and fun. She made it a life goal to get as much training as possible in both visual and performing arts. She graduated from a Specialized Art High School and earned a BA in Theater Arts with a minor in Special Education and Dance Education from the University of Puerto Rico. She started teaching at the age of 14, and has never stopped since. She has trained with high caliber choreographers in USA and Canada, and has taught dance, art and theater to all ages, for the past 18 years. She has performed on big stages in Puerto Rico and California as a dancer and actress.

Performing from a young age made her get into the world of makeup early on, and her artistic side made her good enough to start doing her friends makeup for shows since very young as well. In college she became the Key Makeup artist in the whole Theater Department for her last 2 years in college, which got her doing makeup on over 30 plays, student and professional productions, and professional photoshoots.

After college, she moved to LA believing she could make the Arts her life career. Although she still loves performing and creating art, she went back to school for Beauty and Special Effects makeup and has been creating a career in makeup for film, photography and tv for the past 5 years. Education still being one of her big passions, she is now an educator at Michael Vincent Academy, where she gets to help shape the next generation of professional makeup artists, and she LOVES it.

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