We know what you’re thinking, ‘2018 Trends already?!’ & the answer is yes! We’ve only seen a glimpse of the trends that are yet to come this year, but these are the ones that are in this month!

1. The first one is glitter, buts its not your typical glitter. Think supersized! As in rhinestones and gems. We’ve seen this in recent runways, just use some lash glue and glue on some rhinestones near your eyes and you’re set!



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2. Eyeliner has always been in but its taking a turn this year. Instead of the typical line across the lash line eyeliner is being worn thicker and around the whole eye. If you want something a little more extra you can do cool graphic eyeliner patterns!



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3. As if the sparkly rhinestones aren’t enough, 2018 will be the rise of ultra-highlighted skin and we couldn’t be any happier! Highlighted cheekbones and browbones will be seen everywhere!



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Although it is the first month of the year, we’re seeing what’s trending at the moment! 2018 has a super long way to go so these trends may stay or they may go. What trends do you expect to see this year & which one are you most excited to try?